Hello my name is…

“Hello my name is (insert name here). I am here today because I am addicted to drama. I feel empty without it. I look for it everyday. I search (social network name) everyday and stalk my fake friends and ex-boyfriends looking for drama. If I can’t find drama at least once a week, I will cause the drama. I need drama to feel alive, and I even use my family and friends’ drama to get my fix.”

I want to make this new support group. I am sure that I am not the only person effected by a drama addict and I think there should be a drama-non support group as well. I would love to know that I am not alone and maybe I could learn some new drama survival techniques.

My youngest daughter and I will surely attend.

weeds in the garden

As the mother of three girls, raising them mostly alone, I found myself “choosing my battles”. Who wants to fight with your children everyday?! When my youngest daughter was in 8th grade, she kept getting into trouble, so they sent her to a “behavior correctional” school, away from main stream. In order to help understand her rebellion against “the establishment”, we would go to counseling together.

One meeting I had replied to the counselor that it was “hard to always be arguing with (her) so I would try and choose my battles carefully”. Thinking he would agree, and instead he sighed. He had heard it many times. He said…

“Your daughter is young, and her mind is like a garden. These little things that you let pass by, because you don’t want to argue, are like weeds in her garden. Do you know what happens when weeds over take your garden? It dies. The fruit and flowers that you had planted are choking in the weeds.” He added “you don’t want weeds in your garden.” 

She is 19 now and I am still battling the weeds.

The Tortoise

Some days are worse than others. Of course…everyone knows that. There are days I want to talk about every detail of my day, and days were I wish it wasn’t a sign of insanity to talk to yourself and enjoy the conversation. Lately, I have been experiencing days where I NEED to talk about my day. I need feedback. Confirmation that the things in my life happen to other people, too, and that my life is normal. I mean crazy is the new normal, right? When I am having a particularly bad day, I remember the tortoise. This is my first post. I hope you can either laugh, cry or stare in disbelief along with me while I share my days with those willing to read along. 

The Tortoise

One day, a friend and I decided to go jogging on a rarely used hiking trail within the property of a camp ground where we worked. I was thinking I had a rough day, and I’m pretty sure I was whining about it, too. As we reached a fairly remote part of the trail we both slowed and then halted. We looked at each other puzzled, unsure of how to approach the animal in front of us. We had come upon a Gopher Tortoise who was obviously having a worse day than I could imagine.

The tortoise stared at us helplessly upside down. We thought, “who would do such thing?” as we got closer we realized that not only was the tortoise upside down, on his back, it had a huge pile of soft served shit in the middle of it’s belly. Our guess was that a larger animal wanted to eat the tortoise but couldn’t get it out of his shell. So to keep the meal from escaping, it was flipped over. Then to assure no other predator ate the tortoise they claimed it with a nicely placed and perfectly twirled pile of soft served shit. And I thought I was having a bad day!

Of course, now which of us was to flip it over upright. Well, my friend was 6’7″, with an obvious longer reach, so he had the honors. As the tortoise was flipped back onto it’s belly, you hear that squish sound, you know the noise…eww.  All we could say was “scrape little buddy, SCRAPE!” It was slow at first (no pun) but the animal seemed fine and looked thankful. This is a completely true story.

So, whenever I’m feeling sorry for myself and thinking I had a bad day, I think of the tortoise. Then, I remind myself that, although things look upside down and hopeless, it could be worse and that maybe someone will come along and flip me upright. Just remember to “scrape”!!!